My Broken Will 1

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My Broken Will 1

Post  Press2000 on Wed May 14, 2008 4:21 am

In northern Maine, life is certainly not hectic. It's actually kind of boring. He had grass, cows and a large cliff that hangs over a beach out to the ocean for neighbors. Exciting, right? Not. He was lucky though; he at least got to ride the bus to school and not walk.

School? Terrible. You think schools in the city are bad, come out to the country where they think that they’re all hill-billies and aren't smart enough to handle good teachers. Lunches, they all pack. No lunch line. Bullies, conveniently placed at every corner for your pain. Not a vacation resort, people.

But his life became perfect when he met her. She was his muse, his shining star, his sun, moon, rain and wind. Whatever she did or said, made the sun shine over him, made him want to dance, to fly. Her voice made his heart leap, her figure made him want to pull her close, her beautiful face made him want to cry in laughter. Pure, sweet laughter. And she was his. She was his girlfriend, he loved her.

He loved her more than anyone. Except God. But that's not the point. She was beautiful, standing about 5' 9" with curly brown hair, fair face, warm brown eyes with their touch of attitude and slyness. She wore jeans most of the time and t-shirts that were always out of style, but she didn't care. She had long arms and long fingers which let her play piano so well. And long legs? He had never beaten her in a race. But he didn't care.

She had always been nice to him, and he never saw her without a smile before they got together. She seemed so free spirited and happy, he was almost afraid to ask her out. He didn't want her to feel grounded in anyway. Not only that, but he wasn’t exactly the most popular guy in the school. Catch my drift? But four months ago, when he did, she seemed more than happy to. In fact, she turned red before she could mutter a word.

They dated, for four months. The first month was rocky. They didn't really plan a date, and she was really shy to talk to him. But after a while, they became closer than any boyfriend/girlfriend had in that school. She shared her every secret with him and he did the same. He thought sometimes, that maybe someday, they would be at the altar, saying their vows. He never ever had a doubt to his love for her in the second month of dating.

After all, the thought of her words brought him through the day. The last thought that went through my mind at night was her name. Heck, he even dreamed about her. I know it seems really weird and obnoxious about how I'm telling you this, but it's true.

In the third month, things changed. He became active in sports, family and other things. He was tired of sitting at home, waiting for her to call so he had someone to talk to. He loved her, but that house was silent until she got home and they talked. She didn't mind the sports, or, so he thought.

"Michael!" Her voice drifted in the wind. He looked up from the side bench he was at, to the stands where she was waving. A smile was drawn on his face and he waved back. Half-time whistle blew and they snuck off to an old football field with some stands and sat under their metal seats, on the ground inside the shadows.

"I don't know much about sports. Are you guys winning?" She asked.

"Yep, ten to three." He smiled and her eyes sparkled.

"I personally don't like football, but you're good at it from what I can tell." A light dab of pink spread across her cheeks. His heart leaped.

"Olivia, I....want to tell you something." She didn't know how far his affections were, not yet.

"What?" her eyes became affixed to his in a way that he couldn't deny he had her full attention.

"Olivia..." He put his arms around her waist and pulled her close, not even knowing he had until her face bloomed rose red. But she didn't pull away at all.

"Olivia..." His face was dangerously close to hers and he could almost feel her heart pounding from where he was. But her hands were placed on where his shoulders would have been, if it weren't for the shoulder pads.

"Olivia....I love you." His heart skipped a beat, but he kissed her sweet lips. So tender, so lovely. He wanted them so bad, and he had them. He didn't know how good a kiss really was, until she kissed back. He loved it...He loved her body, her lips...

If it weren't for the game he would have stayed with her, lips unmoving. But he had a game. When the whistle blew she jumped, then sighed in frustration.

"Hey, hey....Don't worry." He placed a hand on her soft cheek. "We have a date later tonight. We can pick up where we left off." Her face could have easily been part of Santa's suit. (If he existed for that matter.)

He put his helmet on and raced to the field. With the extra adrenaline from making out, they won the game, twenty to five. The date, made his day heaven. They had gone to the movies, going to watch a comedy. There weren’t many people, but most of them were couples, and most of the couples made out. They were one of them. Hours and hours just sitting there, kissing. Bliss beyond any comparison, glory beyond the voices and talents of angels consumed him.

When the movie ended, they sadly departed and went home. Dreams about that day went through his mind and made him sleep deeper than ever. He never knew love could be so great...

This went on for the next month. Every half time, they would go to their hiding place and make out for those five minutes. Dates, if not the movies, they would go to the park or just hang out at the beach near his house. All was heaven.

Until the greatest date ever. They had saved up enough time that they were going to the school dance. He couldn't wait to see her in a dress or skirt. He never had. He put on some nice shoes, a black t-shirt and some black jeans. Good enough. When his mom dropped him off, he looked around, searching for her. He went to the spot she told him he would meet her at, but she wasn't there. Before he panicked, he told himself she just hadn't arrived yet.

It got dark and the dance started. Not good. He called her cell phone, but there was no answer. He stayed at his spot, waiting for her to just show up fashionably late and so sorry about making him wait. He wouldn't let her apologize, but just drag her into his arms and kiss her.

The dance ended at 9:30 pm, and only a scattered few people were left. She hadn't shown up. “Calm down, she just forgot the time, or got sick and forgot to call. You'll see her tomorrow morning.” He told himself. And with that, he hitch-hiked in his friend's ride home and went to bed.

The next morning, she was talking to her friends as he came up, but then she turned and left, not even noticing he had come. What was happening? He was starting to freak.

The next few weeks, they didn't really talk. He had tons of football practice and homework. It kinda sucked, but she didn't seem to mind much until one Sunday.

He was in my room, bored to death when the phone rang. He tiredly picked it up and answered. "Boredom Central, how may I help you?"

"Is that you, Michael?" Olivia said, laughter in her tone.

"Olivia! Oh my God! Are you ok? We haven't talked in....forever!"

"Yeah I'm fine....look, can you meet me down by the beach? I need to talk with you." She sounded a bit sad, but he promised to be there in seconds. And sure enough, within about a minute or two, he was down on the beach, watching her walk down it. But oddly enough, there was someone with her. A guy. Tall, dark, and probably handsome to her. But he was no guy handsome-ness expert, being one himself.

She stood there in front of him, looking kind of guilty. The guy just hung his head and put his hands deep inside his pockets. Olivia gave him a double take then nudged him.

"What?" his voice sounded like he was… older a bit… maybe 16. Maybe a cousin he never knew about...yeah...that was all.

"Say something!" she hissed.

"I don't know what to say, you say something!" He protested and Olivia sighed. Taking one step forward, she told Michael everything. They guy's name was Dave. They had met at one of Michael’s football games right after they had made out. Dave seemed pretty nice, and being who she was, they become friends. But sooner or later, during her lonely-ness and separation from Michael, she found a little more comfort in Dave than Michael would have liked. Then she admitted to liking Dave.

Michael boiled over.

Running up to him at a full football player's charge he slammed his head into Dave’s stomach and he doubled over. Olivia screamed.

"THAT'S FOR TAKING THE GIRL I LOVE!" Michael shouted. Dave got back up and started to fight Michael back. They shouted, punched, bit, kicked and swore. And it seemed to last forever until Dave ended it by knocking Michael out.

When he woke up, he just went home. His parents were worried sick and asked him why he was all bruised and bloodied. He said he kept tripping coming home and they took that. When he got to his cell phone, a message was left on his answering machine. It was from Olivia. She seemed half in tears and half frustrated ash she told him how disappointing it was to see him act like he did. Then she hung up.

He still has this message. He still loved Olivia Smith. And he has pictures of her and even the type of chap stick she used on their first kiss. And he looks now, to the gun resting next to him on the bed. He tries to remember the tenderness, the sweetness of Olivia’s lips…but the memory seems so far away.

He picks up the gun. Church bells ring in the distance. A shot is heard. A few moments later, a mother screams for her dead child. He died of a fatal gunshot wound to the brainstem. He suffered no pain, except a broken heart.

He was Michael Jones. But he is no more. This is his broken will, his story.

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Re: My Broken Will 1

Post  Cleston on Sun May 25, 2008 10:41 am

good realy good keep it up

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